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"We already had a business idea formed, but didn't know how to take the practical steps to execute our start-up idea. Dana consulted with us on all aspects of creating the entity, and getting it launched, from overseeing the marketing plan, to advising on the website, and she performs all the bookkeeping so we can track our investment and have GAAP-compliant financial statements.  Her knowledge, excellent planning skills, and results-driven approach have made Best From The Diamond's business plan a reality." 

-Robert Veeck, Best From The Diamond- 

"While Dana Kelly was employed at RKO, not only did she effectively run our business office, and handle all the bookkeeping, budgeting and general business affairs, but she took on a special project to convert the old accounting system to a software program better suited to RKO's reporting needs.  As a result, we have better management reports, that give us more relevant financial information, and the finance office operations were greatly streamlined." 

-Ted Hartley, Chairman, RKO Pictures- 

"Dana advised us on many general business affairs that are pertinent to starting, and running a business, and helped shape a plan to start the publishing business. She also provides us with all the necessary financial reporting." 

-Alice Jagger-Modrich, Best From The Diamond-

LA Bookkeeping & Business Management was established as a part-time consulting business in 2012, with our first client requesting a business plan and guidance on budgeting. In 2013, it launched as a full-time business, and it's built on the Owner's 19-year career in operations, and financial management, of small to medium-sized nonprofit, and for-profit organizations.  Since its inception, LA Bookkeeping has provided bookkeeping, budgeting, controller services, and advising to all types of businesses, from sole proprietors, to businesses with over 1,000 employees.

For a full profile of the Owner, please see    https://www.linkedin.com/in/danajkelly  


Ms. Kelly has worked with such prestigious organizations as RKO Pictures, and Center Theatre Group, and her group is committed to providing each client with excellent service.  Being a business owner herself, Ms. Kelly understands the importance of a well-functioning business office that supports the owner's business venture.  No business, or business idea, can succeed without the cornerstone of good financial management, and a streamlined process for handling general business affairs.   


LA Bookkeeping & Business Management Services provides all aspects of financial management, or education, to small, medium, and large for-profit, and nonprofit, organizations. Services include bookkeeping, planning and forecasting, cash management, discerning meaningful financial information for management decisions, organizing a finance office, choosing the right systems and software, creating a business model, and business plans.